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Matt Haig: The Humans

Professor Andrew Griffiths has just made a grand mathematical discovery (far beyond anything I could even begin to understand) but he has also been replaced by an alien. An alien whose mission is to destroy the evidence and to ‘take out’ any other humans Andrew has told of his discovery. This ‘alien’ is confused and finds that living as a human is nothing like as awful as he first thought. Everything goes wrong though as Andrew the alien is unfamiliar with this human love thing and the consequences are dire.

Author: Matt HaigRelated image

Title: The Humans

Press: Canongate

Publication date: 2013

Rating: 7

Source: Library card once again ❤

This took me a minute to get into, I was confused a lot but I also laughed extensively so some things must have been going right. The ‘alien’s’ attempts to fit in were touching and his commentary on our funny human ways amusing. If you’re looking for a book which will have you raising your eyebrows at yourself then this is the one.

Our alien narrator wants nothing to do with the clutter of the human condition but eventually sees the merits of love and the true wisdom of the humans. Eventually uplifting (thank goodness) this was a book which makes you question what you value in your own life as well as mocking broader human constructs and their inherent hypocrisies.

featured image: Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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