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CJ Tudor: The Chalkman

A girl is dead by the end of the year. This novel follows the childhood and middle age of its narrator, Eddie, as he comes to terms with his role in the mysterious murder of a seemingly innocent young woman and the persecution of the supposed killer. The fair marks the start of it the end of their childhood and then, the chalk men start to appear.

Author: C.J. TudorRelated image

Title: The Chalkman

Press: Penguin

Date of Publication: 2018

Date of Purchase: February 2019

RRP: £7.99

Price of Purchase: Thank you library card

Reading Time:  5 days

Rating: 7

So traditionally I stay well away from anything that might haunt me but this book was EVERYWHERE so I capitulated and spent a week sacrificing sleep and needing to know what happened… The nostalgia of the alcoholic, middle aged Eddie is tempered by the very real fear of his younger self. Tudor kept me guessing throughout. The overarching sense of gathering threat in the sleepy setting, as seen through a child’s eyes, endlessly muddied the waters. The alternating chapters kept me reading, and reading, and reading until there was a particularly spooky scene and I had to stop. I’m glad I stuck with it and am back to sleeping through the night undisturbed by creepy dreams.


Featured Image: Photo by Sam Haddad on Unsplash

Second Image:Photo by Lukas Neasi on Unsplash

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