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Ben Aaronovitch: Rivers of London

Peter Grant is disappointed when assigned a desk job after completing his police training. However, a strange encounter with a ghost while out on patrol opens him up to a world of magic and mystery beyond anything he could have imagined. His first case relates to a rampaging spirit which he must overcome while brokering a peace between the beings who govern the Rivers of London.


Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Title: Rivers of London

Press: Gollancz (Orion (Hachette))

Date of Publication: 2011

Date of Reading: February 2019

RRP: £8.99

Price of Purchase: LIBRARY

Reading Time:  7 days

Rating: 7

Honestly I initially felt a little bit betrayed that this was not a run of the mill realist police procedural. However, I quickly came around to the magical elements. The combination of real world policing and mystical mischief is centred in a clearly recognisable London. The nuisances and glories of the city are evoked perfectly and offer a superb backdrop for the completely outlandish claims surrounding magic spells and mythical creatures.

It is clear to see how the characters described in this novel will continue to be developed in the following titles in the ‘Peter Grant’ series. Aaronovitch lies down just enough background to keep you interested for the duration of this book without distracting from the plot but I am excited to learn where they go, and what they do, next.

I’m not normally one for fantasy but this was a gentle reintroduction to the genre. It failed to satisfy my craving for a good ole crime thriller but I can find that elsewhere. What Aaronovitch offers up here is something completely new to me and I will definitely consider having a read of the other books in this series if I see them kicking about in my local library.

Featured Image: Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

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