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The RFK Tapes: Crimetown Presents (Podcast)

I listened to this on the recommendation of a friend (thanks Zoey, it was fab) and because I like learning about new things and am partial to the odd conspiracy theory indulgence I gave it a shot.

The arc of the podcast is wonderfully engaging and the integration of interviews and news footage from the time is skillfully executed. Zac Stuart-Pontier makes for an engaging and incisive host.

Although this podcast has left me knowing infinitely more about Bobbie Kennedy and his murder than I knew before that is not the most valuable thing I have taken away. Rather the reminder that humans are inherently truth seeking has been the takeaway message for me. It is vital that in these times, of upheaval, algorithms and overwhelming variations on truth, that we remind ourselves of this as often as possible.

During the course of Zac’s investigations he changes his mind on the case. This causes a rift between himself and William Klaber, the other host of the podcast. It is easy to understand both points of view if the listener remains open-minded and I think it is this which makes the podcast so enjoyable.

It is this uncertainty too which asks questions of the listener about our relationship to truth and to information gathering. It encourages us to be critical about what we are reading, hearing and seeing. Begs us to ask questions of the people who are informing us. Requires us to analyse what we perceive to be the most coherent, convincing, reliable sources of information before coming to conclusions. And, even after we make those conclusions, it suggests that we remain open to evidence which runs counter to our beliefs.

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