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Celeste: Little Fires Everywhere

Author: Celeste NgImage result for little fires everywhere

Title: Little Fires Everywhere

Press: Abacus

Date of Publication: 2017

Date of Purchase: December 2018

RRP: £8.99

Price of Purchase: £4

Reading Time:  4 days

Rating: 8

Little Fires Everywhere succeeded in transporting me straight to Shaker Heights and bang into Ohio in the nineties. Given I was five at the millennium and have never been to Ohio I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Once the scene setting is done the story takes off at pace. Even the slow early sections of the novel engrossed me so once the plot started to escalate I was fully immersed.

There’s something special about the girl-ish idolism in this book. Each of the characters is admired by another for a unique set of reasons. It shows that even in the regimented world of Shaker Heights variance in personality thrives.

For a book which is almost exclusively centred on women and which has a very strong theme of pregnancy and fertility I think the strength of character and place development keep it attractive to people of all ages and genders. The fluidity with which Ng creates this world reveals the subtle biases which persist and the dangers associated with being different in a world where homogeneity is prized.

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