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A Slightly Different Type Of Review: Slow Burn

Bear with me, this is not a review of a book but rather of a podcast and if, like me, you find people constantly recommending you things a little overwhelming then this is a perfect place to start. It’s short, split into manageable 25 minute sections and, most importantly, it’s fascinating.

I came to Slow Burn with next to no knowledge of the Watergate scandal (I’m not exaggerating, I didn’t even know which president was involved). But now I feel enlightened without having been patronised. The approach is unconventional, non-linear, taking a personal approach to a story which has been re-hashed at every opportunity.

The combination of narrative and historical interview material keeps the podcast interesting and the relations to the contemporary politics are skilfully interwoven.

I know I’m late to this party (as I am with all things) but if you’ve not got into Slate’s podcasts yet get on it!

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