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Liane Moriarty: Truly Madly Guilty

Author: Liane MoriartyRelated image

Title: Truly Madly Guilty

Press: Penguin

Date of Publication: 2016

Date of Purchase: November 2018

RRP: £7.99

Price of Purchase: £2.49

Reading Time: 5 days

Rating: 6

For what this was it was ok, nothing groundbreaking but fairly compelling. The teasing of the ‘event’ which has apparently changed the character’s lives forever stopped holding me in the story about 50 pages before the secret was unveiled. From then the plot sort of melted and the characters began to grate. Perhaps I’m too impatient for books of this sort of length now but it really did feel like I would never reach the end.

On the other hand this was a really interesting study into the complex world of adult friendships and the difficulties associated with being a ‘person’ as well as a parent. How these couples relate to each other and between each other was interesting and engaging even if the rest of the book fell a little flat. The little girls were also engaging and helped to throw a stark light onto the nearly omnipresent selfishness of their parents.

Oh and maybe I’m just being a jealous Brit but wow Australians complaining about wet cold weather got pretty exasperating by the end. ‘Will it ever stop raining?’ Shh.

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