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Harriet Tyce: Blood Orange

Author: Harriet Tyce

Title: Blood Orange

Press: Headline

Prizes:Image result for blood orange cover harriet tyce

Date of publication: 2019

Date of purchase: October 2018

RRP: £ —Image result for blood orange cover harriet tyce

Price of purchase: £–

Reading time: ½ Week

Rating:   6

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This novel starts quick and just keeps building. I genuinely could not put it down, ignoring friends on the train and staying up well past my bed time to get it finished.

It was visceral though. The terror lurking always just within reach but out of sight. If you love all things psychological thriller you will devour this. Suspend your anger at all of the characters and I would advise holding your judgement until the end (twist upon twist is the hallmark of the final fifty pages).

There’s a lot going on here but Tyce manages to navigate us through the complex plot without becoming bogged down.

I’m excited to see how this book does when it’s released in February and implore anyone with a dark side to get your hands on a copy as soon as you can!

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