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Top 5 Right Now

If you’re anything like me you’ll understand that a ‘Top 5’ is basically impossible.

Not only am I fickle and easily distracted my memory is abysmal! Put me on the spot and you’ll be lucky to get five books I have read ever out of me let alone a comprehensive list that makes any sense.

With that in mind here is an imperfect, incomplete, in no way definitive ‘top 5’ of my favourite books right now.

  1. The Essex Serpent: Sarah Perry
  2. Norwegian Wood: Murakami
  3. Complicity: Iain Banks
  4. His Bloody Projects: Graham Macrae Burnet
  5. The Poisonwood Bible: Barbara Kingsolver

What books make it onto your ‘Top 5’, your desert island disks minus three, and are you a better, more decisive compiler than me?

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